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Our Services

We are an independent agency with clients in mind.

Wealth Planning

Helping our clients crystallize their planning goals and objectives from personal, business and charitable perspectives. We provide them with a range of services, techniques and strategies to help them achieve their goals, and we help them integrate these strategies to create maximum leverage and deliver the best possible results.

Life Insurance

Involving the design, implementation and service of life insurance portfolios. Life insurance plays a unique role in protecting and perpetuating our clients' wealth, and we bring nationally recognized expertise to ensure that our clients' objectives are being met, and that their life insurance portfolios are integrated with other planning strategies.

Global Assets

Providing ideas and consultation on China related financial matter for Expats, travelers and residents. We are committed to helping our clients grow their asset and create legacies. Our core strength lies in the blend of unique expertise, unsurpassed market access and innovative solutions, coupled with the personalized service from our associates.

Business Consulting

Helping owners and executives reach peak performance by creating immediate and lasting changes in both their business and personal life through results-driven training. Over the last decade, we have built relationships with hundreds of top executives, helping them become leaders needed to transform their company's results.

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